Body Wraps  

A Body wrap can help you lose those unwanted inches fast. offers formulated herbal body wrap kits that will help you to reduce inches and body weight in as little as one 1-hour session GUARANTEED while not only aiding in weight loss but will tone and tighten your skin for slimmer, softer, and healthier look and feel. Now you can save time, money and enjoy the privacy and comfort of performing a body wrap in your own home

  How our Body Wraps Work  

Our body wrap recipe is made up of a fresh daily blend of ingredients that includes special herbs and oils used in conjunction with a process that extracts and absorbs interstitial fluids through the pores of your skin into the elastic wrapping bandages. This leaves empty pockets between fat cells that are compressed by the body wrapping bandages and result in immediate reduction in size. The more time you perform a body wrap the faster and better the results. You will be amazed at how soft and healthy your skin will feel and look after our body wraps.

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